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Fibreglass Panel filter

Available in 12 sizes

Fibreglass Panel filter

Fiberglass panels are used mainly in Used in heating and ventilation systems to provide high dust holding protection from larger airborne contaminants and for medium level pre-filtration for bag filters. Can Also be used for spray booth extraction in large or samll hobby booths. Constructed from water resistant card frame with lattice faces containing a pad of high dust holding capacity glass fibre media



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12x12x2 (293x293x45mm) £4.40
15x15x2 (375x375x45mm) £4.46
18x18x2 (448x448x45mm) £4.59
20x16x2 (496x396x45mm) £4.73
20x20x2 (496x496x45mm) £4.96
24x12x2 (594x287x45mm) £4.79
25x16x2 (594x394x45mm) £4.71
24x20x2 (592x492x45mm) £4.82
24x24x2 (592x592x45mm) £3.93
25x20x2 (620x496x45mm) £5.02
20x10x2 (496x248x45mm) £4.97
20x15x2 (496x294x45mm) £4.56

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