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LEV COSHH - Aftermarket Division

C-Air filtration can also provide dust and fume extraction solutions and maintenance for a wide and diverse range of industrial plant. We can offer service for your extract system and LEV COSHH testing by fully qualified engineers UK wide service !

Aftermarket Filter Division

We can provide a total solution to all of your dust extraction issues, from full extraction systems to parts service maintenance and LEV testing.

LEV testing (local exhaust ventilation)

What Is LEV?

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is a way of managing and decreasing the exposure of employees to airborne dirt, dust, fumes and vapours which may be hazardous to health. A LEV system (dust collector) would remove the dust via a hood connected to ducting that has powerful suction provided by a fan. This would remove dust from the local area and either discharges it in to a larger filtration system or in to a local filter connected to the LEV system. The clean air is then released back in to the local atmosphere where it is now clean is no longer a hazard to employees.

Aftermarket Filter Division

Do YOU Need LEV testing?

In a word yes. Under the Health and Safety at Work acts of 1974, plus Regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, regulations state that any LEV systems must be maintained in a good working order and in good repair. By making sure your LEV systems meet all health and safety regulations you're not only protecting your employees you're also protecting you and company in the event that a member of your staff becomes seriously ill or injured while carrying out their duties.

All LEV systems must be tested at least every 14 months although some systems require more frequently depending upon their use and processes. CoSHH Regulation 9 also states that a record must be kept of all, faults, checks, maintenance, repairs and service. Those records should be kept in a service log for each LEV system and held for a minimum of 5 years.

What Does An LEV Test Involve?

An LEV test should will include a visual inspection of the full system to check for signs of broken/faulty parts. Once this has been completed the engineer will need to use specialist testing equipment to ensure the system is performing to the correct performances that the system is s designed for. This test is usually carried out with the system running at normal operating conditions.

Dust Extractor

Where the system passes the entire test the engineer will enter all of the details, as well as the results, in to the log book for that particular piece of LEV plant. If any part of the system should fail the test then our engineer will advise you accordingly including a recommended action to remedy the problem. We offer a full comprehensive LEV reporting and can offer you ta quote for any remedial works that may need to be carried out to gain a pass.

Regulations for LEV Testing

There are certain regulations for companies that provide Local Exhaust Ventilation services and these are outlined by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Regulation 9 of CoSHH also provides guidelines for the provisions of LEV testing service providers. As stated on HSG258, the person who services or repairs your LEV system should be BOHS P601 qualified.

Our LEV testing engineers are P601 qualified minimum.

P601 - "Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems"
P602 - "Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems".

Details of these qualifications can be found on the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) website

Why Choose C-Air?

We have a dedicated team of trained LEV engineers (we cover all of the UK) are able to inspect, test and repair any type of LEV plant regardless of the manufacturer or supplier. Our specialist team are P601, P602 qualified as standard. Which is your guarantee that whatever type of LEV system you're using we can inspect it, test it and repair it.

This means your downtime is reduced while also ensuring your LEV systems are maintained to give peak performance.

And it's not only LEV testing services that we can offer. We also provide the following;

  • Full LEV Extraction Systems supply only or supply & Fit
  • Dust Sampling
  • Smoke Clearance testing
  • Servicing contracts
  • Process Trouble Shooting
  • Supply and Fit of Replacement Parts
  • Replacement filter bags and cartridges to fit ANY system

We will always give you unbiased advice on the best course of action for your protection.

LEV Example Report

HSE: Clearing the Air

"Carole was always my first choice person to contact because she understood her products, and achieved our correct supply requirements on schedule. It was also nice to talk to Carole, she really brightened up the day." Deborah Woods, Design Draughtsperson & Project Engineer
Our Dust extraction systems where each fitted in one day with no mess or disruption we have awarded C-Air Filtration our LEV COSHH testing and service contracts. I would recommend anyone to use C-Air the engineers are all highly skilled and the customer service was second to none. The Dust Extractors are the best we have had fitted to date. John Featherstone
"I had several interactions with Carole with regards to the potential supply of filter cartridges to my company. I not only found Carole to be very enthusiastic and technically good during the specification process but also exceedingly good and persistent at the often neglected follow up stuff. I look forward to doing further business with Carole in the future." Clyde Process, Filtration Sales Manager

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