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Smoke clearance testing for Spray booths

HSE 261 recommends that a smoke clearance testing is carrid out 14 mothly along with yor LEV COSHH test (we also offer this service)

Using  professional smoke machines, we can carry out the smoke test efficiently and supply you with the pass certificates.

The Smoke Testing Process:

Extraction off - Lights on
Smoke machine on
2 minutes...
Smoke machine off - White out
Start extraction & timer
Inspect seals & ducting for leakage
Smoke clear - Test complete
Certicate for display

Smoke is most likely to linger and form eddies close to all the walls of a downdraft spray booth; in a room, the smoke will mix with the air and dilute evenly.

By disabling the extraction before filling the room with smoke a maximum clearance time is measured. As the extraction is usually running during normal spraying operations, the clearance time may be less than this but as a safety margin, it is important that the maximum time is observed.

For a no obligation quotation for Smoke or LEV testing then please contact us.

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